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The first thought that the word ‘bingo’ inspires is, for some, that of white-haired elderly women in the basement of a church playing the game on cardboard playing cards.

The advent of the Internet has changed a great many things in recent years, including the way bingo is played.

As with so many things, the online world has improved the popularity of bingo, so it is no longer just a children’s game or an activity for the elderly. But before anyone plays, there are a few things to know about bingo games online.

A lot of things remain the same about bingo online, like the setup of the game.

There is a card, just as if one plays in person. In bingo games online, the card is virtual and shown on the computer screen.

In this version, the player does not have to hunt for each number as it is called. Instead, the computer will mark them off automatically.

This, in turn, makes it easier to play larger numbers of cards than would be possible otherwise. There’s no more chance of missing marking a card if the caller is moving too fast.

Speaking of the callers, this is another difference between online bingo and real world bingo.

Real world bingo has the familiar balls in the steel cage that is rolled around, then a number is picked randomly and called.

The computer does all the work in bingo online, generating a number randomly from a pool of numbers it hasn’t called yet. Most sites will also have the computer verbally call the number in addition to flashing it on the screen.

Bingo games online also offer a greater variety than the local church basement, including some varieties unique to a particular website.

There are literally dozens of versions to play in site, some of them common, some of them difficult to find without a little digging.

Most of them are just simple variations, where a row of numbers has to be checked off, or a certain pattern has to be filled, or the entire card has to be filled.

Be sure to read the rules of whatever game is being played at the moment and understand which numbers have to be checked off, and in what order, so victory can be achieved.

Perhaps most importantly when playing bingo games online, be sure to know how to call “Bingo” when the card is a winner.

Some online bingo games will recognize a winner automatically and call “Bingo!” on their own, but don’t rely upon that.

Certain sites will require the player to click a button on the screen to declare bingo and the button must be clicked before anyone else clicks it in order for the player to be declared the winner.

No matter what version of the game is being played, the player of bingo games online must be sure to fully understand the rules before the first bingo card is bought. Knowledge of the rules and understanding of the game is the key to winning any game, bingo online included.

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